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  1. When I bought my first Compaq computer back in the last century I signed up for AOL and still use it to this day. Everything was just fine until President Bush outlawed online gambling (or as some of the more sensitive traders on this site like to call it "selective risk taking.")

    Then one lonely weekend night I heard that they were bypassing Big Brother by holding tournaments with play money. I did a Google search and found a tournament site and signed up. What I didn't know was that it was just a front for Facebook and I would have gotten signed up even if I thought I was joining the English Ladies Flower Club.

    And that's when it all started. 20 spams within the first few minutes, and more and more followed. I posted on this board and many gave me helpful information about how to get off Facebook, and Thank You, I no longer get Facebook messages from my old girlfriend telling me how she wants to be a Facebook Friend. And as far as I know I am free from their evil grasp.

    But still, the spam persists, and I guess it will until I change my AOL antique email address, but I don't want to do that because I shouldn't have to.

    I'm not asking what to do, I shouldn't have to do anything other than click "Spam" everytime I get one (which I never had to do before that fateful night I accidently signed up for Facebook.) I am simply complaining because I am a grouchy old man.
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  3. yeah I tried to, but you know AOL is in cahoots with the spamers. When I started it was $19.95/mo now it's free, they have to be making money somewhere, but the point is, it all started with Facebook.
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    aol email, what is that?
  5. you really need an alternative email address
    basically, that's life

    you need to send all questionable emails there 1st

    you can always change it to your permanent email later