Facebook paid FTC fine of $5 billion (shareholder's money) to shield Zuckerberg.

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  1. The lawsuit in the link above also gives examples of Zuckerberg lying to Congress.
  2. 324. At a July 24, 2019 press conference, James Kohm—the FTC staff
    attorney who led the Facebook investigation—suggested that Facebook gave the
    FTC relief it could not have obtained in court in exchange for letting Zuckerberg off
    the hook without even sitting for a deposition. Kohm stated: “[p]art of getting this
    tremendous result...is we didn’t need to depose [Zuckerberg] but we could use
    that. ...If there was something, we could get for something ...This case—we got
    a lot of relief that we couldn’t otherwise have obtained and that is in some small part
    due to not going further. ...[Zuckerberg,] if he’s deposed, exposes himself to a huge
    amount of litigation outside of the Federal Trade Commission.”
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  8. uh, lawsuits filed this year can paint a picture of deceit using many events from the past.