Facebook Opening Price. How many shares?

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  1. Does anyone have the opening print and volume?

    I saw 160+million shares traded BEFORE the opening print at around 42. I am unsure exactly how many shares traded the first minute and what the open volume really was.

    What was the opening price and volume?
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    TAS from 11:30:09.549 (#1 print) to 11:31:59.989 (#33407 print)
    Vol: 164,431,145
  3. Biggest scam for a long time.

    A bit surprised how the supposedly "neutral" exchange operator Nasdaq is in on scamming retailers so badly.
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    Where does this data come from? You have two trades listed in there for 75,727,101 shares each at $42. I haven't been able to find those in any data feed I have access to.
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    NASDAQ Data-On-Demand

    First 75 mln shares is real execution with sale conditions = Market Center Opening Trade and Cross Trade.

    Second print has sale condition = Market Center Official Open(just confirm opening trade)

    NASDAQ Net Order Imbalance Indicator hang at ~11:05:00 for FB symbol(png):
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  6. Thanks all