Facebook: It Paid 0.3% Taxes On $1.34 Billion Profits

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  2. I'm not surprised.
    Legal = Moral (in business world)
  3. 1) Nazzdack "likes" that. :D
    2) How can I "friend" that profitability? :confused: :cool:
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    Mongo like candy.:cool:
  5. Baht = "weight in gold. 97.5%"
    Baht = "Thailand currency"

    bought in this sense is a joke, paper for gold and vice versa... did they buy it?

    Now. That is an example of one switch that occurs.

    What does Facebook have? Hot chick data complete with private emails and precise time and location and demographic/psychological info.

    Why are Facebook execs billionaires? Because they are young, oblivious, and kept busy with a bunch of toys while the real business goes on underneath.

    Yes, that is correct: sex-trafficking is the biggest business on earth.
  6. Essentially the central banking system and taxation system was designed as a "slum-lord operation".