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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by BCE, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Here's an interesting blog with some articles on the possible valuation of Facebook's IPO and some thoughts on whether to get involved or not.

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    I came here looking for a Facebook IPO thread

    my question was about the size of the secondmarket participants

    they are ALL trying to flip shares on IPO day, and I need to know if they'll be bigger selling pressure than the real interest in facebook

    in the past was there such an active and accessible way to exchange shares of private companies? I'm going to say no. and I don't think till now that there has been a company that has gained so much interest coupled with the possibility of exchanging private shares.

    so now we have all these people (accredited investors with largish positions) that aren't banks and don't have incentive to support the bid at IPO, nor do they get warrants

    and they are all going to sell into the liquidity event. so much for the IPO pop
  3. One way to play FaceBook before (and after) they release the shares to the public is through SOCL the social ETF. The blue dot was when Facebook announced the IPO on Feb 2, 2012.

    My guess is that it would be a good time to buy SOCL, I think FaceBook is the next Google.


    Entire chart of SOCL since day one
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    SOCL is comprised of mostly Chinese social networks, I don't think its really a good way to get revelant social networking exposure. That ETF is a gimmick.

    Google and Linkedin are the only US social components on that list, and only linkedin is majority social exposure

    It is not likely that the fund will have facebook shares at inception


    message to everyone: read the prospectus before jumping on gimmicks
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