Facebook IPO will be big success. But they track your activity even after u logout!

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    Visa faced litigation prior to its IPO, it didn't make a difference.
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    If you know how to use a computer - just delete the cookies.
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    If you know how to delete the cookies, it's likely that you don't use facebook at all :D
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    it takes more then deleting your browser's cookies. Finding and eliminating their super-cookies is nearly impossible.
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    "super-cookies"? This is a new term to me. Can you explain?
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    Big market rally coming and gold & silver may fall 10%.
  8. What is “Super” then?

    As users become increasingly aware about privacy and its various clauses, companies have started to resort to new tactics to ensure that their tracking continues uninterrupted. This thing gives birth to a kind if cookies named as “Supercookies”. This concept was discovered by researchers at Stanford University and University of California. They can not only track user activities but can also recreate user profiles even after user deletes the regular cookies. Major websites like Hulu an MSN are using this technique to keep track of their users.

    In addition to this supercookies not only track users’ activities without their knowledge, they are also quiet hard to remove. While the traditional cookie file restricts itself to a particular website, supercookies can track and record user behavior across multiple websites. Also they are stored in locations different from the traditional browser cache, making it difficult for even advanced users to locate and remove them.


    How to Delete Super Cookies
    Posted by Rippozer on November 20, 2011

    As we discussed about Super Cookies that its an advanced form of cookies. Now there are several ways with which you can delete these Super Cookies. Some of them are mentioned below:

    Manual deletion: A super cookie is usually found in the “Flash Player” directory on your computer, but can be stored elsewhere. Use the search tool on your PC and look for the *.sol file extension. Manual method is excellent as more accurate results are expected.

    Firefox Add-on: There is a Firefox add-on named as “Better Privacy” which can work magically. You just have to install it once. Rest is done by this plugin.

    Remove/Disable Flash: As we have mentioned that these cookies can be saved as flash files so if we simply disable or remove Flash then it will not be possible for some sites. But Flash is one of the important part of Internet now a days. So disabling Flash while visiting any site which do not use Flash can help us protect from super cookies.

    Check Adobe settings: Adobe has a tool that you can use to update your settings quickly and easily. Just go to Adobe Settings and set the “Global Storage Settings” to “Zero”. This will prevent new flash cookies from being put on your computer, but if you have any right now you’ll still have to remove them as described above.

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    Thanks for the info. I usually surf on Firefox, so I will follow those instructions. Again, thanks!
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