Facebook IPO postponed!

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    Could the real reason that facebook hasn't IPO'd yet be that Zukkerburg is waiting for all of his legal problems regarding his ownership share of Facebook to be settled first?
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  3. What is S1? income statement of some kind?
  4. \

    they say a billion dollars a day. all those kiddies putting in their parents credit card numbers to buy stuff
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    I don't know about that. Almost a year ago:

    "By Nick Clark

    Wednesday, 16 September 2009

    Facebook has this week hit two significant milestones in its history. The social networking phenomenon now has a staggering 300 million regular users around the world, and has become cash flow positive for the first time ever.
    While experts agreed it was a landmark moment as the site really looks to take control of its future, one said the group had not yet cracked the “major hurdle to light the touch paper of profits”.
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    They waited too long to IPO, they should have done it when social media was super hot. Its already slowing so you cant get to stratospheric valuations the (its growing 100% a year, so it will do that forever!!!)
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    Remember AOL!!!!


    Facebook will be just another social network company forgotten about in due time.
  8. What I'd like to know is the Net Present Value of Jimmy totally dissing Sara by going out with Jamie and not telling Roger.

    It is disturbing how easy trends assign value to these things. It is equally disturbing how much income they generate selling tiny bits of code.

    At least Amazon had books in the 90's....
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