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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by bellman, May 16, 2012.

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    This facebook ipo has caught my imagination. So much HYPE!

    This thread has the following purpose: Provide an ET venue for brief opinions and timely analysis. There is a SouthAmerica thread floating around that has some good info, but he quotes entire articles, and reading the thread is a timely endeavor. This thread is meant to be the cliffs notes version. If you reference a pertinent article, please do provide a link, but do not quote more than a line or two from any other article or post.
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    I'll start:

    I think FB (is that the right symbol?) closes on Friday in the $38-$39 range after peaking in the mid to upper 40s.

    Is anyone going long Thursday after market hours? Friday pre-market hours?

    When will shares be available for shorting?
  3. When is it starting?

    FB is the right symbol but it hasn't started trading yet.
  4. $500 by August
    $1000 at end of year.

    Only fools will pass this up.
    Bet the farm on this mo-fo and you'll be rich next year.
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    @1a2b3cppp, Friday for sure, but I heard that they might be available Thursday in extended trading.
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    my guess is it opens and closes above $50.

    a lot of demand for shares from rich people, not that many rich people can be wrong all at once
  8. Don't know, don't care, not touching it or going anywhere near it.
  9. That's exactly backwards - not that many rich people can be *right* all at once.
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