Facebook Friday night "land grab"

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  1. So many losers hang out on Facebook... :D

    June 11 (Bloomberg) -- Tomorrow night may be a late one for some Facebook users.

    The world’s largest social-networking site is offering people the chance to claim a personalized Web address beginning at midnight New York time on a first-come, first-served basis. The plan’s announcement two days ago sparked a frenzy among users planning to grab their names.

    David Whittemore, 25, typically hangs out at bars on Friday nights with his friends. This week, he’ll be at his computer, ready to take his name when the clock strikes midnight.

    “It’s going to be a land grab,” said Whittemore, who works for a finance startup in New York. “I’m definitely going to be staying home.”

    Jacquie Brennan, a 57-year-old attorney in Houston, says she’s trying for the name “iJac,” because she’s a fan of Apple Inc. products. If she can’t get that, she’ll settle for “MoreMerlot.”

    “You can bet that if everyone else has a cool name, I am going to have one too,” said Brennan, who’s been on Facebook for more than a year and has the site open on her computer all day.

  2. S2007S


    Anyone who is going to sit behind a computer on a social networking website to claim a user name is quite pathetic, this is getting really sad. Realllllly Fu$king SAD!!!!!
  3. Desperate times call for desperate measures (to get laid).
  4. I actually like these dumb void humans, they have no use for their souls, I can make better use of it


    save the planet, life starts at the core of this planet, that is where the real life giving sun is, go green now
  5. Almost as PATHETIC as you posting day after day on a stock market trading website, yet YOU DO NOT TRADE.

    You, especially shouldn't be throwing "rocks" when living in a Glass House.