facebook fad splits stock for the 3rd time in 4 years!!!

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    Not even public yet and this company has split it shares 3 times already. Talk about hype, how long is this social networking fad going to last, isn't anyone tired yet of reading what people are doing on a second to second basis. I mean could this fad really be worth $25 billion+. facebook has reached its saturation point, they have 500 Million users, how do you keep that kind of growth up, you cant. If anything they are going to see users and the amount of time spent on the website decline over the next 18-24 months.

    Facebook Splits Stock 5-for-1


    Privately held Facebook Inc. on Friday announced a 5-for-1 stock split, a move the social network giant said would enable it to make larger stock grants to employees.

    Facebook spokesman Larry Yu said the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company believes employees will appreciate receiving more shares even though the overall value of any particular grant wouldn't change.

    He added that it "made sense to split the stock to a range that some might expect for a private company."

    Mr. Yu declined to say how much each Facebook share was worth after the stock split, nor would he say how many shares were outstanding following the split.

    Facebook, whose shares trade on the secondary market, was valued at $26.3 billion on the Sharespost market on Friday.

    Facebook has twice previously split its stock on a 4-for-1 basis, in July 2006 and October 2007, said Mr. Yu.
  2. ?.....it's quoted: $15.20 bid, offered at $22.50, $14.40 last traded. Gotta love that spread! :D :eek: :(
  3. Welcome to virtual reality economics. We have reached the point where every fad with a good PR firm can create its own reality in the world of electronic fiat mone and live like a tycoon on borrowed money, even make donations with borrowed money.
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    One of the top ten things I have EVER done was to RID MY LIFE OF FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of life imo!
  5. Facebook gave a reason to millions to use a computer. people who could not use it for anything else and especially for what it was designed, for its main function, which is a calculating machine. It really helped the industry survived. A lot of losers bought computers for the sole purpose of using facebook. Think of that. You do not kill the goose that laid the golden egg. You subsidize it. You feed it. Somewhere there is a barwoman who will be using facebook to attract customers to the bar she works. Think that every young woman in an Eastern block country is using facebook and has bought a cheap laptop for that purpose. The dream is to meet this rich, handsome, but otherwise idiot guy from Beverly Hills or New York and live a rich life sending money to her family and boyfriend at home.

    Think about it where computer chip sales would have been without facebook. Peripherals, flash memory sticks for moving pics in and out, and even laptop cases. I believe that the main use of computers by individuals is 90% for facebook.

    If you work for the computer industry say "Thank you facebook". if you do not, you are fed up with all of them like I am.
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    No. Have you ever met a person who wasn't interested in gossip or other people's business? It's human nature. FB is here for the long haul and I wish I owned shares :p

  7. This might be the most idiotic post I have ever seen on this board.
  8. more like "look at the toilet bowl buddy puked in"

    This new movie on Facebook is like a socionomic indicator of a <b>top</b>. I'm surprised Robert Prechter hasn't brought it up.

    Having sat through the movie on the weekend in a very much packed theatre, I couldn't help but think that this is a top that is saying "look you idiots, the economy has been sideways to down for 10 years .. and I'm sitting here posting on Facebook"
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    I might not be a fan of date...er, I mean facebook, but Linkedin I do like.

    When I had facebook, I waited for someone to finally post something like, "hey, I'm about to take a dump. brb.":D

    Also gotta love the, "____ is now single" bullsh*t.

    Males: "hey, I'm looking for chicks, but not actually wanting to come out and say it."

    Females: "hey, I'm looking for guys with money, and want to put up with the drama that comes with me."

    Teens: "Has anyone seen my Mom or Dad? Oh sorry. They're out running around with some stranger they became 'Friends' with on Facebook last week. Guess we'll raise ourselves." Sad...

    No thanks facebook. Not for me. Others love it. I don't need to know who's taking a dump, and who's trying to date who. Isn't life complicated enough? I've got a Wife three teen Sons in High School, one in Middle School, Football, Karate, Boxing, etc., houses, cars, four rescued dogs, need I go on? I have ZERO time for ignorant shit that doesn't help me put food on the table.

    No, ET isn't bad. I pick stuff up here often that pays off. Facebook is a married person's nightmare. A Friend of mine calls it "the Devil's playground." He's not far off... If I were single, maybe. But as a married guy, never. I put my bodybuilding pics up in my pics section, and after about two weeks of the private messages, and posts on my wall from MARRIED Women, I pulled the plug on F/B quickly! I was actually shocked to learn that Women have become the way they have become... No, not all Women. Just the one's with no morals, or values. i.e., 90% of F/B.
  10. What you do not understand you idiot from my post?

    By the way, are you from an Eastern block country? lol
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