Facebook buying RIM?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Optional, May 28, 2012.

  1. I overheard this doofus talking about how 'Facebook shoud buy RIM'. Would there be any strategic advantage for either of these companies to merge like this? I have no idea - just thought someone could shoot it down or pop it up. Discuss.

  2. I think it would be a "smart" move. I figure FaceBook will be coming out with a phone and an easy entry into the market would be through an existing company.

    But then I also thought GOOG should have bought RHT and try and compete with MSFT for the OS/Office market. And that never happened.

  3. Given the context of FB's ongoing failed attempts at releasing their own phone, it wouldn't be the most surprising acquisition ever.

    Probably makes more sense than Google buying Motorola, at the least.
  4. This is going to end well. I can feel it.
  5. Hey FB just spent 1B on a company with no revenues ~

    What's a company with revenues worth ? lol

    That being said instagram of which I do not know anything sounds like it'd be a perfect fit for a smart-phone.

    I wouldn't be surprised if FB shorted the hell out of ZNGA and then put in a bid for the company. Buy tons of OTM puts which would drive the price down and eat the options cause you get to buy ZNGA cheaper - it could happen.
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    FB won't go up even with Viagra. Will go below 29 today. Just check how fast it will drop once it hits $30
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    HP bought a dying smartphone company (PALM) in an attempt to acquire its way into the market and ended up pulling the plug on it. FB will be on the same path if they bought RIMM. At least it made some sense for HP because it was already a consumer handheld player and PALM was practically worth nothing. For FB it makes absolutely no sense at all, and to acquire RIMM would be an even more colossal failure. If anything they should be using their new found currency to target other mobile-based social networking services (tumblr, foursquare, yelp).