Facebook Busted In Google Smear Campaign

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    Facebook Smear Campaign Backfires, Takes Spotlight off Google Privacy Issues

    The media frenzy surrounding the latest Facebook PR scandal targeted at Google continues to rake Facebook over the coals for their underhanded and malicious PR attack against Google. As has been circulating in the news for days, Facebook hired an upscale PR firm, Burson-Marsteller to spread negative press regarding Google’s Social Circle initiative which Facebook claims scrapes private user data without their permission.
    Instead of publicly expressing their ‘so called concerns for the public’, Facebook engaged in an unethical means of ‘smearing’ Google through various media outlets, a whisper campaign, and down right playing dirty.

    As Burson-Marsteller spread their negative attack, not all recipients of the news were willing accomplices. Christopher Soghoian, who is a blogger and known advocate on privacy issues, as well as a consistent critic of Google in regards to their privacy practices, actually stood down on the attack against Google, and instead exposed the Burson pitch by posting the request from Burson-Marsteller in its entirety, hence exposing Facebook’s dirty deeds.

    Facebook has tried to do a little damage control by standing by their position that Google’s Social Circle is designed to scrape private user data without their permission, and makes a minor comment that they should have been more transparent in their effort to verify how users felt. Nobody really seems to care about Facebook’s weak effort to defend themselves, and the media continues to ensure that they have very visible egg on their face.

    Analysts have pointed out that due to Facebook’s lack of integrity in engaging in such an underhanded smear campaign, Google is now portrayed as having been victimized and falsely accused, and nobody really even cares about the accusation of data scraping at this point. The spotlight is on Facebook’s behavior, and not Google’s alleged piracy of information.

    Google hasn’t even had to respond to the situation, and has taken the strong, silent position and high road by not really saying anything negative about Facebook. Well they don’t really have to do they? The media is taking care of all that for them. Shame shame on Facebook……awwww, poor Google. That’s what is resonating out there, much to Google’s benefit.
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    corporate sabotage
    corporate espionage.

    corporate defamation.

    jail and fine for defamation

    this is the reason they have defamation laws. corporation know better and know defamation laws and can afford legal counsel regarding defamatory actions like smear campaigns. it's not politics as smear campaigns in politics is acceptable 'tradition' in political campaign but not business or that affects a person or companies reputation.

    as for individuals and tabloid news the it's less enforceable in defamation lawsuits. it's not serious as corporate defamation with intent to profit from defamation activities.
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    I don't get why this was a feasible thing to do before your IPO?