Facebook board upholds Trump ban

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gwb-trading, May 5, 2021.

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    Last week tonight this week was discussing the reality that Facebook does almost nothing regarding misinformation etc. outside of the English language.
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    It's interesting that in Australia they are siding with FB admins are responsible for defamatory content. This is because of the number of people threatening to sue admins over perceived defamation in community groups.


    So the future may be all new posts checked by admins and comments disabled. Essentially back to the town notice board.
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  6. FaceCrap is against Free Speech as all leftist people are.
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    "Free speech" does not apply to a privately-owned company. They have no constitutional obligation to respect it. If they did, then the Constitution would be a communist manifesto.

    How many times do we have to go over this same shit here?
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  8. Once again, Lefties are against free speech. FaceCrap just happens to be a lefty organization whether they are a privately-owned company or not. Even if they were anything but a privately-owned company they would still be against free speech.
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  9. If Baron wanted to ban you he could.....that would not make him against free speech... that would make him owner of ET and free to keep whoever who wanted posting here and ban whoever he wanted.

    Facebook is a social media site, not a news organization....I cnanot believe people get their panties in a wad because a private website moderates its content.... Does FOX News website post anything at all? Or only what it wants to be heard.

    Get over it....
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