Facebook board upholds Trump ban

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    Twitter Will Not Be Welcoming Trump Back To Their Platform, And In Fact, They’re Flourishing Without Him

    'Of course, keeping Trump banned has become an even easier decision for Twitter. With the former president gone, the social media platform saw it’s revenue jump 28% in the first quarter, which was almost entirely Trump-free. According to The New York Times, “The company saw a 20 percent jump in daily active users who see ads, to 199 million. It also added new advertising formats, leading to a 32 percent increase in ad revenue in the quarter.”'
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    People don’t understand Twitter. They expect it to be like Facebook but at its core it’s an interest based social media company, not a social social media company. It’s fantastic if you understand how to use it and more and more people are.
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    Social media does not spread anything. It is a canvas. It is the people that use said canvas to spread information.

    Social media is simply a modern version of a bulletin board, where people post messages. You know, they still have these "bulletin boards" in some supermarkets.

    15 years ago I saw a real one at a college campus in Humboldt county, CA. Was a real-life bulletin board, where people stapled messages! On paper! WOW WHAT A CONCEPT!

    If someone did not like someone else's "post" (Get it? It's "POSTED"?), they did not tear down the bulletin board. They simply removed the offensive post by ripping it out of it's staples. The bulletin board itself was still there for other people to use.
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  5. Not exactly the same....

    FB is banning 1 person specifically for violating its clearly written terms of service. They are not banning an entire class of people or even people who have the same beliefs as trump.... just him specifically.

    A bakery wants to exclude an entire class of people because they hypocritically believe it is in violation of one of the Harry Potter books.

    Most conservatives just choose to ignore the distinction. Or thye understand it but just like to be difficult.

    FB bans a person for violating its terms...
    A bakery bans a person not wearing shoes and a shirt because it violates their health standards and most likely city codes.

    Both allowed.

    FB bans all GOP and conservatives en masse without even a violation of terms of service
    Bakery wants no business at all from gays.

    Both not really allowed

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    You miss the whole nuance of the bakery story
    The baker will allow anyone to purchase any item on his shelf
    The baker is claiming that his one of a kind wedding cake designs are considered artwork, similar to a painter
    Who would argue that the state should require a painter to paint anything a customer would ask for, no matter how offensive it may be
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    You’re mistaken terms of service for the first amendment. The scenario you’re are arguing doesn’t apply to this situation.
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    Although Facebook and other social media sites (e.g. Twitter) had a hand in letting Trump and others use their sites to incite violence against Democracy that resulted in deaths...
    • It's a good BAN of Trump and others but it should be permanently.
    Keeping him exiled to his own blog or exiled to a fringe crybaby conspiracy site...hurts him more than any impeachment. In fact, Elitetrader.com (a trader social media site) should be taking notes about how to deal with similar like members...seriously.

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  9. Trump is the most hated and loved president in history.

    We still have people with trump flags hanging from their house in my hood. I saw a guy with trump 2024 bumper sticker on his vehicle yesterday.

    Media mentions trump more than Biden.

    No other president in modern times had fans like trump.

    The people that run Facebook and Twitter are weirdo losers and they'll live their entire lives as pathetic losers.

    Trump wins.
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    It's not a mistake.

    Your argument has been said over and over again. And it can be easily verified by ... reading The First Amendment. That's why there is never a counter argument.

    It's just another attempt at misinformation by repetition, i.e. brainwashing.

    "Lock - her - up."
    "Stop - the - steal."
    "Four - more - years."
    "It's - a - witchhunt"
    "Lame - stream - media"
    "The - First - Amendment"

    The subjects are simply parroting lies, and they know it, but it doesn't matter to them; that's the United States we've become. We've become a nation where almost half the voters wanted to re-elect the most corrupt (via indictments/convictions/pleas) administration we've ever known.

    While we are forced to deal with these domestic clowns, China and Russia are waiting in our flanks.
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