Facebook - a new perspective on the damage it's doing.

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  1. My friends, it started a few years ago when a hedge fund manager congratulated me on being "Google invisible".

    I thought, "What the fuck is he talking about?"

    Of course, he Googled my name, to research my life, and background. Now I do that to all my competitors, and I get a pretty good picture of them - (even saw the distinctive brand of car a guy was driving by zooming Google Earth to it's maximum, and seeing his car in his driveway!! I live multiple states away from his Colorado residence!)

    So within the last 24 hours on the radio, I hear about the exact 180 degree opposite of privacy - employers demanding your passwords to your social accounts!

    If you're still not sure, check out THIS -

  2. It's a rude awakening when you find out. Your useless rants on FB could lost you your next job. As they say, beware of those bearing gifts. FB is a gift that keep on giving to the stockholders and teenagers alike. Everything is a like except that your current or future employers doesn't "like" what you have on FB.

  3. And that's only "round one".

    I hate Facebook and I'm STILL on it. How? I went to a friend's party and there's pictures of me (and my family) standing in front of a "location" that explains a lot about me on an issue that not everyone will agree with.

    If you don't want the world to know your personal business in 5 seconds, Facebook is a MULTI-PRONGED problem that's hard to stop. On privacy issues, you don't want your friends to be on it, either.
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