Face the Music and then we?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EMRGLOBAL, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Ok, so now we closed below 8000. Jobless claims are rising fast, more bad news after bad news. 80% chance we head to a serious recession if not depression.

    So, what are some ideas on how to make money. OTCBB stocks may come into fashion? Could pennies be the next trading area?

    Emerging markets like India? Energy Industry, Green Market, Etc.

    Interested to see what some Eters think.
  2. apak


    OR YOU COULD learn to day trade e-minis all day long up and down

    but what the F do I know

    most of ET thinks I am the biggest lunatic since Nixon
  3. Nixon is a genius.
  4. Staying with the hunker down (treasury/cash) trade.

    Have bought some CEF's at huge discounts within last 3 months but even not all of these are profitable trades. Holding onto some for long term investment purposes, waiting for bounce on others to get out at a reduced loss.

    Testing levels. Went long JPM @ 30 yesterday, you can see how that's working out. (Nitro - was in agreement with you but market seems to think otherwise). Plan to stop out close to here and try again establishing long much lower (which is where its probably going if it cracks my stop.)

    We're in seriously uncharted territory here. Anything I am doing I am doing small.

    Love india, but we could see it much lower I'm afraid, so waiting around. Why trade pennies when you have GM, F, and C heading that way? NSYE is going to have to change their listing requirements or lose all their business. only kidding there - sort of.
  5. daytrade. its easy money.