Face it... Drugs don't work

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    The second girl on the first series was quite pretty before...:(
  3. "I want From Drugs to Mugs to show kids that everyone in those pictures started on cannabis, they didn't just dive head first into heroin."


    Everyone started on cannabis.

    Everyone ate pickles as a kid.

    if we could just get pot legalized................you know approved by the gov't.

    The legalization of marijuana defeats the message.
  4. Actually drugs do work. They work so well many people want to do them all the time. Why not? Who doesn't want to feel good? Alas, as is the case with most things, there is a price to pay for over indulgence.
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    I guess you can say that some drugs don't work, especially crack (which is depicted in the article), but LSD can do wonders. Cleanse the doors of perception...
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    but.... there is a price to pay for underindulgence too!! It's a fine line, we must be discerning, maybe a little moreso than those folk in the lineups...

    I remember one guy, meth head and gay too, way back in the day just before the AIDS thingy hit... he called up somebody and left a message saying "It's Howard, I'm gay and I'm in Orange County Jail".... he probably had the aids already or whatever, he was really obnoxious anyway so nobody went to bail him or anything... we couldn't figure out if he was saying he wanted to stay in there or get out so we smoked some primo frankincense and forgot about the guy...