Fabulous Life of Billion Dollar Wall St. Baller

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  1. 1. I'm down 1/3 off my highs, not everything, much better than Faith, Livermore, etc

    2. I include the ego to show how it lead to my losses. But it's also the gift and the curse because it allowed me to take on huge risks, which helped me enjoy huge gains

    3.I don't think anything is unfair, I take full responsibility for my gains and losses.

    Its fine if you don't like it, but to say the title is misleading is simply inaccurate. I don't claim to be the great American hedge fund, just an example of one startup fund. And, since you read that I didn't start my fund until halfway through the book, it's not only limited to my days as a hedge fund manager, but instead refers to the entire idea of a hedge fund and the speculative techniques they employ. Yeeesh, some people have no imagination! And FYI when the subtitle is "How I..." of course I'm going to talk about myself!

    Some people wanted a hardcore strategy book, but I think sharing personal experiences is much more helpful--plenty of strategy books out there, most of them BS--but not one other finance book that is so detailed in $ gains and losses and how that effected the author's life
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  2. I once scored an unprecedented 4 touchdowns in a High School football game. I remember I was on the front page of the newspaper. It was great. 4 touchdowns. I got laid that night too.
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    Wait, Wait, VH1

    Isnt that a Music channel, now they are doing shows on wealthy individuals, this programming doesnt make much sense, I think its time MTV and VH1 get their act together and put something on called, MUSIC TELEVISION....

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    mtv's been dead for years, except to 18-30s who want 'reality' tv. yup, i know some who watch the programming...in fact, they've been tying in internet stuff with those reality shows.

    i think the death of music (on mtv) got rolling with the success of the real world, but i remember watching mtv's _remote control_ (showing my age now) with ken ober, colin quinn, random female, and a then-unknown kid named adam sandler...

    vh1's pretty much killed off most music as well. they have something which comes on periodically in the am (jump start?) and has AAA music, but that's it.

    i think you have to request MTV2 (which i don't get) or listen to fuse (formerly much music, out of canada) to get music videos.

    i'll just get online streaming audio from certain channels, but generally just find new music and go from there. current likes: go! team, kaiser chiefs, nightmare of you, franz ferdinand, hot hot heat, bravery, bloc party, panic @disco/fall out boy, the twang, various mashups such as some by party ben (hoping he goes to bootienyc in dec.!), just different stuff.
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  6. You know what? He's posting here, with his real name. You know all about him - his successes, failures, scandals, whatever. All the while you go on insulting him under a pseudonym, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. And here I go pointing this out to you under my false name as well. We're a bunch of internet tough guys, you and I, eh?

    Tim, it would seem, is quite courageous. Let the guy be.
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  7. How much is enough? I would say 10 million. Enough to live on very comfortably.
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  9. Is this episode found somewhere on the net for us to watch?
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