Fabulous Life of Billion Dollar Wall St. Baller

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  1. Ughhhhhhhh timmaaay ruins another thread
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  2. Nice. All I'm trying to do is answer questions aimed at me. Deal with it.
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  3. Anybody think Cohens house is a bit tacky?

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  4. This is the question I was aked:

    I'm so sick of you idiots trying to put me down because I've had one failed investment. From what I can tell, everyone's done it, but nobody else seems to have the balls to detail it all to help others learn. You cowards make me sick.

    I've held back long enough and on November 1st, everything changes. Your whining and bemoaning will cease as you will finally understand my message.
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  5. I'll take tacky...anyday.:)
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  6. you people need to grow the fuck up. People around here act like Monkeys who just exited the zoo. Yeah, so he's a failed trader, who gives a fuck. If you're making money, good on you. If you're a failed trader like him, who gives a fuck. Except monkeys like you, that is. Leave the guy the fuck alone. If he bothers you that much put him on ignore, like I did you.
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  7. Who cares what real traders think! This isn't a popularity contest, this is about sharing our experiences, no matter if our bone headed mistakes make us look like idiots--most of the people on ET are idiots, but the only way to learn is to help each other, not this useless name calling.
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  8. dtan1e


    err... if i may ask as i didn't read your book, so is An American Hedge Fund abt how u f..ked up?
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  9. Look pal, there's no need to use this kind of language. The truth is that you'r posts looks very arrogant.

    I haven't see you "sharing" any experience, Just selling your "method". you has been very aggressive and very inmature, that's why you peformance was very poor during the past 3 years (bull markets years).

    You lost everything, Cause YOU made the mistake, Not because "this is unfair bla bla bla".

    You should try a psiquiatric treatment for you big Ego. sometimes, you sound more like a clown.

    PD: i dont want to bash you, the fact is that Im happy for you success in the past, And I wish you the best in the future. But you has been very inmature and very arrogant.
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  10. gaj


    well, i have read it.

    it's a lot of whining about the CYGT incident (and why won't anyone give him billions of dollars for a non-scalable model). it's not poorly written, but the title is completely misleading; it's got no relevance to livermore or darvas' books which were legendary, nor really a 'hedge fund' (it's more a friends and family grouping which registered as a hedge fund).

    there's a ton of books which are better for traders - techniques of tape reading gives a lot of how-to's which sykes' book implies, but never delivers. there's a number of books for those who want to start a hedge fund - that part is omitted as well.

    sykes COULD have written a book which would focus less on him, and more on the how-to of trading the niche market he has traded and shorted in. (please note: one of my methods which i've been using for years is this one) . and that book COULD have gone into more detail of some of the hedge fund activities and his trading / competition / etc., rather than how he was trying to get on television, get his name out, and all that jazz.

    however, as i said to a trader friend last night when we were discussing books, it seems that this book is being used as a stepping stone to appear as a talking head or pimp a dvd on infomericals (so "author of the book X" can appear as a tagline) or satisfy his ego (it's self-published) rather than to fill a bonafide need in the marketplace.

    as a sidenote: my friend is partway through _complete turtle trader_ and is underwhelmed, said it's more social anecdotes of the turtles than trading anecdotes. he did like faith's book on turtles, but the glorification that book's receiving "top 5 books of all time!" far exceeds its real value; it (faith's book) goes through stretches of writing that would be best in "introduction to trading" while the next chapter is stuff that is of huge importance to anyone doing systems trading,and years beyond the 'simple' stuff.
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