Fabulous Life of Billion Dollar Wall St. Baller

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by doublea, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Nahh man, wrong channel, surf is in this:

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  3. Pekelo


    You did report to a hedgefund listing agency, so just how hard was it for them to type your name in?

    I would say 50%+ HFs report to one or other websites...

    Otherwise I must be a genius, I typed in vh1.com and look what I got:


    Show is on next Tuesday 12 pm....
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  4. this is about that guy who named one of his ten yachts 'positive carry' or whatever? isn't he totally underwater now with like half a billion in redemptions frozen? have those positions been liquidated?
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  5. GaryN



    What are you doing now? Are you still actively trading the micros in the midst of all this publicity? To have gotten to where you are at 26 is not too shabby. Will be interesting to see how you fare from here.
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  6. cstfx


    The program was produced about a year ago, before his trades blew-up and made front page fodder for the daily tabloids.
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  7. A lot of people have asked me this question--I'll be making a big announcement on November 1st.
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  8. timbo


    I can't wait.
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  9. Surdo


    Stay tuned they are featuring Ping Jiang from SAC in a dress!
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  10. Make the announcement on Elite Trader!
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