"Fabulous Fab" will turn against Goldman Sachs

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wilburbear, Jul 19, 2010.

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    The banks own the market. Unfortunately, GS is pretty untouchable when they have the power to create deals like this. Absolutely no risk involved here and their profits come directly from the tax payer. What a leach on society.

  2. Its an easy out. GS has settled and admits no wrong doing. Tourre can/is saying he "relied" on GS's best practices, business standards, infastructure, compliance, etc. and since GS did no wrong he should do fine.
  3. GS has already tried to embarrass Fabulous Fab, and GS didn't even try to hide what they were trying to do to him.

    Fabulous has a once in a lifetime chance to change the way things are done by blowing the cover off "the client is always first at Goldman."

    These trades against the client make GS a hundred million each day without a loss.
  4. Did you miss the part where GS is paying his legal fees? He pretty much can't be a whistle blower without ruining his life.
  5. gs paying the legal bills is a good thing for fab