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  1. Any other east coast surfing traders here? Should be good size ground swell this weekend. Calling for double overhead.
  2. the ocean down in boca was really stirred up this weekend...the surfers were out in force in Florida ...fabian is scary looking ...they best be right about that track:( ...we stayed in the intercoastal and still got bumped around pretty hard
  3. category 4 is pretty intense. They say it might make its way up here to LI and make landfall........I hope it just drifts away for eveyones sake
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    Hurricanes are a big pain in the butt when you live in the tropics. Right now we are waiting for Fabian to blow on by so we can move our boat from the Keys to North Florida. Never underestimate the damn things...they are really powerful...I have been though a few....and category 4 is dangerous. Bermuda is going to be flattened..... I just hope it loses strength by the time it hits Canada

    Please no surfing this one guys. :eek:

  5. Yeehah! I hope you have the boat tied down tight. PR is getting major swell right now. 20+ feet. Good luck and may it drift out to sea (but not too fast...I need that groundswell here on LI!). Stay safe bobcathy and TM!