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    Ford ousts CEO Fields, names ex-Steelcase chief to take over
    Ford has fired CEO Mark Fields and replace him with James Hackett, head of the automaker's Smart Mobility arm, as part of a broad management shakeup. Hackett, 62, former CEO of office furniture maker Steelcase, was on Ford’s board from 2013 until last year, when he took charge of Ford Smart Mobility. Fields has been pouring billions into self-driving cars and ride-sharing experiments as its traditional car business has struggled in a slowing U.S. market. (Automotive News)
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    good time to sell otm put on F when it's closer to ex-dividend date
  4. He did a pretty good job, imo.
  5. I saw CNBC this morning when they were discussing Ford.

    The Ford family owns <2% of the stock but control 40% of the voting rights.
  6. Rally on firing the CEO was weak and will be short lived.
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    Ford shakeup could affect dealership buy-sells – later
    The shakeup at Ford Motor Co. – with Mark Fields, 56, out and Jim Hackett, 62, in as CEO – could erode buyer demand and dealership valuations on Ford brand stores, buy-sell advisers said. But -not right away. Ford's product lineup and demand from would-be store buyers remain robust enough that the news of changes to Ford management will have little immediate effect, they said.(Automotive News)
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    Failed Google deal left former Ford CEO in the lurch
    A look back at the timeline of the Ford-Google talks reveals a moment that became a turning point in the career of former CEO Mark Fields at Ford. His failure to pull off the deal indirectly left Ford struggling to voice an autonomous vehicle strategy that resonated with stakeholders and led to the emergence of Jim Hackett as his replacement as CEO.
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    Ford's ride-share unit Chariot expands to New York
    Ford Motor Co. said Thursday that Chariot, the San Francisco-based shuttle service it acquired last year, will soon expand to New York. It's the third new city for Chariot this year, following expansions to Austin, Texas, and Seattle. Ford said Chariot will expand to eight cities globally by year end. (Automotive News)
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