F-U Media Liberals

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RisingTide, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you tv personalities, actors, marketers, reporters
  2. ROFL, I guess it could be said nicer, or politically correct, but it conveys my feelings also. I may have lost it and I'm not as consistent about it as I would like to be, but I have actually made a point of not buying different things, like movies on DVD, and music, if I know the actor or actors are outspoken idiots from my point of view. And yes, I do have the right to not buy just like they have the right to spew their b.s. like it was gospel and true, because they said it was so. I laughed pretty hard when Meredith Viera tried going after Palin with Rudy Guliani the other day. He very politely asked her if she was a badmother for working too, and countered her other press lines so that she actually stopped talking for a bit during the interview, either because she realized what a fool she was making of herself, or she just was lost with no one to guide her on the party line.
    How about Nancy Pelosi saying that we need to use more natural gas instead of fossil fuels. Hello!!!! Natural gas is a fossil fuel!!! It would be nice to at least know what the hell you are saying if you are going to spout an idiotic point of view.
  3. There are douchebag liberals and conservatives. If you can't recognize this objective fact, you've lost any semblance of balance or capacity to be fair and honest.

    Guliani is an asshole. Hypocrite motherf&*!er if I ever saw one.
  4. ive long ago stopped subjecting myself to those scumbags.


    "Kiss me, I can't hide my true feelings any longer"
  5. WHY? Are you tired of fucking your sister and Momma?!