F U Fed

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  1. I'm gonna go drink down.

    Wasn't for those cocksuckers, we would be down another 400 on the DOW.

    F rate cuts, liquidity infusions, etc...

    I hope we tank at the open on Monday.

    You permabulls are so lucky...
  2. I'm short 90% of the time so I share your frustration but in reality the Fed was within their bounds.

    This wasn't some stealth, mid session rate cut that blows out a dozen locals. Rather this was the Fed doing what they're supposed to do, keep the Federal Funds rate at it's 5.25% target. This morning Funds were as high as 6%.

    Bottom line: The Fed frequently does what it did today but no one cares or notices. Only because of the hyped media/crash environment was this action a headline story.
  3. Be patience.

    Fed; ECB; and BOJ can't continue endlessly pumping liquity into the market.

    I was surprised all the central bank jumped in this early of market correction. It only proved that the problem is very serious; just watch out the long bond to crash.
  4. I know, I'm remaining short on the DOW still...

    Today just puts it in Joe publics head that "maybe it won't be so bad" and maybe "all will be okay". "The FED can save us" mentality.

    The media can hype these liquidity infusions and still pump a rate cut. I'm not falling for it...
  5. The dow was still down...

    Drink this one out any maybe you will come to your senses latter.
  6. I do not know, but it is just healthy correction. How many ES or SPX points we are down since the high of the year? Without drinking think about that and you will get the answer. It is just little pullback as usual like in every bull market.

    Good luck
  7. That's the job of the FED.....if they didn't provide some liquidity to the market, we might crash so hard we'd face another depression.

    As for Goldman's global ALPHA fund.....holy shit. These guys suck, and their goes a billion dollars of GS fees!

    Hey Goldman....how bout going outside the good ole' boys network and get some traders that can trade and manage risk!
    A bunch of geeks with pocket protectors don't have the right stuff to play in this game!
  8. S2007S


    ITS NOT A HEALTHY CORRECTION when others intervene with the market.

    Wake up.... they are injecting BILLIONS of dollars, they are trying to keep liquidity from drying up. WHY????

    Greed is why the markets are trading the way they are today, the markets created this and should create their own resolution WITHOUT the help of anyone else.
  9. Why is the Fed doing this anyway? So I guess it translate that Wall Street can take the greatest risk and it if works out, rip great deal of money from the public. If it's doesn't Fed comes to the rescue.

    I wish my broker will do that for me when i am down, they reimburse my loss.
  10. Wasn't too happy about them stepping in here either. All these pussies on the street crying to the fed. Don't they know that the fed is the creator of all this and cash in on both extremes. It's too funny. Stay nimble and sell'em from a higher level if we get there.
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