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  1. If it weren't for this site and all the people trying to help I wouldn't have lost my life savings and be in debt up to my ears now. I would have quit a long long time ago.

    So if you are in a similar boat (think you are learning something on here as you continue to lose money) stop right now and walk away. Without a true mentor you are doomed. Tid bits here and tid bits there are the worst possible way to think you are progressing as a trader.

  2. I commend you for taking personal responsibility. Some losers would attempt to blame others for their own actions. I am heartened to see that you didn't stoop to that level.

    Oh, wait...
  3. Good point. I should add I am 100% accountable for my actions.

    The point was it's easy for idiots like me to fall into a painful cycle by thinking you are learning something useful by talking to other traders. If you are on E.T. trying to learn from other traders chances are you are like me.....undisciplined, lazy, not trading for the right reasons.

    Either you have a mentor or you know what it takes to succeed at something....and it ain't gettin' spoon fed pieces of info...
  4. How old are you? If you are 50 and lost your life savings that is terrible I can't believe you would risk that kind of money, but if you are 20 and lost it...well that just sucks REALLY bad lol been there done that
  5. somewhere in between...
  6. I wasn't meaning to dog on you in that last post either. But that sucks man, at least you have time to make a recovery outside of the market.
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    Best post ever.
  8. I surmise that everyone you interacted with that you thought was a trader giving you sage advice is a perennial loser not much farther along in understanding than yourself.

    You may eventually find the humor in that.
  9. No one can dog me harder than I dog myself.

    Sadly the inability to bridge the gap between doing what I'm supposed to do and what I actually do is where it starts and ends...tried so damn hard to get to the root cause of this too.

    If that sounds like you STOP now. You'd be better off with a coin flipping strategy to buy or sell...if it had rules
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    what were u trading, and how much leverage was involved?
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