F# to be part of MSFT Visual Studio 2010

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by nitro, Jan 4, 2009.

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    Most of my scripts are python. god I love python. Best invention yet.
  3. Great, reinventing yet another wheel. No wonder they're going to lay off 15,000 employees.
  4. By choosing Microsoft platform, you have to upgrade and keep re-learning same shit over and over again, therefore paying for same shit over and over again. That is its model of revenue stream, very tiresome and tedious.
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    Wrong.. I guess you don't use Microsoft products :cool:
  6. yep u are exactly right - i've been doing it for years and it sux - learn nt, then win2k, then win2003, then win2008, and then sql 7, then sql2000, then sql2005, then sql2008 and on and on...
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    Sad to read and sad to say, but you've apparantly never learned anything.
    Just because you guys has difficulty understanding whats going on, doesn't mean that Microsoft is evil.

    Stupid discussion btw :eek:
  8. I am too old and experienced with Microsoft shits. Ever heard Visual FoxPro, Visual J++, and NetBIOS. The most infamous of all, the freaking Microsoft domain name server and its WINS. Felt sorry for people spending time and efforts on those products. The lesson is that if you spending on something non-standard; you are at their mercy. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.

    Anyway, I am using Windows XP to play games and watching dvd, of course it came with the hardware.

    one more thing about services update that comes with all Microsoft shits, it will always break more things than fixing bugs.
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    :D of cause I've heard of it, next thing you're gonna tell me is by guarantee that the good old days with assembler never should have evolved!

    The world is allways changing, exactly the same way as the market. People never change only things!
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    hmmm..as far as i remember sql is just a language and shouldn't be different,regardless to where it used.
    access,ms sql,oracle or whatever..
    same for windows..core features are same..no problems from 95 to xp
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