F##king Cramer!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NJ1000, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. NJ1000


    He just went on a rant about bringing the uptick rule back, what a moron, just bc his picks get crushed he wants any advantage possible so he wont like to much of a jerkoff, the elimination of the uptick rule I believe was a great move by the sec to make the maket fair on both ends :)
  2. Ah, u beat me too it. The guy should die.
  3. he must be really desperate for the viewership with all the bad calls he has been making. this is just what people want to hear: "reinstate uptick and the market takes off".
  4. The best is blame the uptick rule.. Not his horrendous call on sticking with bear stearns. Not to mention trying to cover his tracks by ERASING his buy recommendation for bear stearns on the thestreet.com. Unfort, he still thinks this is the 80's where maybe nobody notices........ Thank god for the internet

  5. He should be off the air, no doubt about it.