F-ing Tradestation down again...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GreenDog, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. As of 10:50 PST Tradestation again is having intermittent connection problems.

  2. I've had that plenty of times with TS. Shame that.

    TS feed is not very reliable. I'd recommend you use eSignal as a backup / addition / solely if you trade very short-term, they're the most reliable feed available, and will be even better with the restructurization of IDCO, making eSignal the choice of the future.

    Also, you can use IQFeed - is more reliable than TS feed...
    IB's datafeed is very good, too.

    ~Scientist :cool:
  3. I like Tradestations new adds. They look great, promise a lot and attract many new customers. All these new customers turn on TS, chart 100s of symbols, scan 3-4000 symbols using the radar stuff and the TS network gets killed.

    TS needs a major upgrade to their servers or start limiting how much data a customer cab get through their servers.
  4. You've got a very good point there, chinook!

    TS is an awesome platform, this cannot be disputed - I use it everyday. But the symbol scanning must take enormous bandwidth! Imagine all the upstream/request + downstream, requested by thousands and thousands of users n'sync!
    This just has to create lag and server crashed.

    I wish they'd fix that. 1,000 symbols, IMHO, would be enough.
    Or even 500. There aren't that many nicely tradable, liquid issues out there, anyway...

  5. mike s

    mike s

    Man, I thought I'd give 'em a try and see what they're like....kept it for two months and then dumped it...glitches almost daily.
  6. Scientist,

    I like the TS6 paltform but the data feed / network problems are not getting fixed. Whenever the market moves fast, something goes wrong. IB is my broker and I have to constantly compare the last trade from IB's plan with what I see on TS chart.