F#$ing bullshit

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by newtothis, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. I was long hig 300 shares of hig.
    I see a triangle pattern going to the down side
    the resistance was 30.
    so I put in a sell stop order @29.85 for 1000 shares (making it 700 short when it hits my stop and the 300 to cover)
    so what happens?
    it falls, my shares get covered but I don't get the rest of the 700 fill. I mean WTF :mad:
  2. not shortable.
  3. are all stocks not shortable or just the 800 or so?
  4. HIG is not shortable, but in the future---

    You can't "sell" and "short" on the same order ticket (your order would have been a 700 share "oversell" and thus a violation).

    Should have entered a 300 share sell stop order followed by a 700 share short order.

  5. Anything related to financials and some which are not.

    MMM is shortable but IBM is not.

    Pretty screwed up.