F-35 does first hovering test

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  1. I remember being on Del Mar Beach (21 Area) in 1984 when the Marine Corps were testing the Harrier. It was like a UFO coming in for a touch down. :D
  2. and you were 47 at the time :eek: :D
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    In what capacity? I was with the 5th marines in '84 housed with C company at Camp Margarita (33)... shit, I used to surf Del Mar jetty back then.
  4. 3rd Assault Anphib Bravo 1st Platoon. Hell Bro I lived at the beach. But I do remember coming out to Margarita many times. It was just hop skip and a diesel filled jump over there in the hog. :D

  5. No chumly I was barely 20.

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    Ha! Too much... small world, Marine.

    EDIT: Speaking of hogs.... you ever make your way to Horno? There was a fresh supply of "Horno Hogs" embedded there on Friday nights. The beer was insanely cheap and I just couldn't let all the black marines have their way. I landed a 250+ pounder that had the biggest bush this side of Australia...
  7. your 47 NOW :eek:

    you haven't learned a damn thing in last 25 yrs
  8. Always good to hear from someone who stood on the yellow footprints.

    Semper's Marine

    EDIT: Horno 1st Marines right? I tried to stay away from the long tall dark green bush. I got lucky in Schools Battalion and met a group of very sweet local honeys from Escondido who took real good care of us. The Beach had its advantages. :D

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