EYII, the train is on the move!

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  1. But this is only the beginning… check out HYRF… and think that on this business, EYII will profit much more than HYRF…

    This market inefficiency, will lead EYII to $0.60 in a just a few weeks… Do you want to be part of this HUGE move ?

    I want !!! So I’m loading a few more tons of this beauty !!!!

    EYII to the sky !

    Anyone on the same boat ??
  2. What is your reasoning for this stock to move up 10 fold in the next few weeks?
  3. Hi,

    You must do a little DD on 2 companies:
    HYRF and EYII

    But essentially, the story is based on the fact that EYII has an exclusive contract with HYRF, where EYII has the exclusive selling rights of the Code Blue filters.
    HYRF is rocketing their orders in China, and is already up 300% in a few weeks. The market is already into the HYRF phenomenon, but some way EYII was left behind, until today…

    Today the volume is increasing a lot, and the price is starting to move up. This is the kind of business that changes completely the future growth expectations of a small dimension company like EYII.

    Of course, there’s a lot of risk on this trade, but I see no less than 6 fold in the next few weeks.
    Been there, done that before ;)

    Cya !
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    I had not read your post until now, however I jumped on HYRF this morning and have taken 21% off the table in 30 minutes. If it drops down some later I may come back in. EYII I don't know anything about but it popped up on a scanner for today, I'll take a closer look at it technically.
  5. Hi da-net,

    HYRF has only one client: EYII
    Think about that ;)

    This play is more with the fundamentals, but the technicals of EYII are also great, big volume increase since yesterday, and starting a big move up.

    I've bought more @ $0.094

    cya !
  6. It should be on a nice buying spot again. Look at the volume !
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    HYRF looks like the ride is over, unsure about EYII as it has been underwater from Friday's close most of the day...it could be catching its breath, but ....well time will tell.
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    I learned a very valuable lesson from these you suggested. EYII was the hardest to get into and even harder to get out of with small positions. It would probably have been worse with any size...the MMs really do exercise control of some stocks. They did however allow easier entry and exit from HYRF
  9. I was thinking about playing with one of these yesterday. What kind of problems did you run into? I have never traded stocks like this. I see the mkt is like 5k to 10k up per price tier, did you buy the offer and there was nobody there to replenish? Were you faded?
  10. OTCBB and pink sheets are not firm quotes.
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