Eyesight surgery (LASIK) ?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting the LASIK surgery. Anyone have any recommendations on this or other companies.
  2. So I got my LASIK done in June at Laser Eye Center out here in Orange County California. They do volume and some think thats good and some think thats bad. I never had a problem with their quality of care and some of the doctors remembered me on my post-op visits. Many people will have different recommendations but in the end I say go get the free consultation at all the places you are considering. This is a great way to meet the staffs and get comfortable with them burning your eyes with a laser.

    What I can say is as soon as you are comfortable DO IT! You will regret not having it done yesterday, it makes such a difference in your life. I got the custom wavefront procedure which is supposed to be the best you can get. Maybe it is maybe its nothing but the price difference compared to the value of my eyes was negligible. Oh and on price, dont think about how much you are spending. Find the places you feel best at and then compare prices. I'm amazed at people that will go somewhere they are not comfortable to save a few hundred dollars. Its your freaking eyes, not a set of tires or a pair of pants. There is nothing wrong with "discount" places so long as they have a good rep and you trust them. I did a ton of research on this so if you have any questions on any aspect of this feel free to post a question and I'll try and answer it.


    BTW - I can still see.
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    For 95-98% of the people getting lasik, the results are amazing so you will hear alot of glowing recommendations.

    But 2-5% of the time, serious complications occur. The worse your vision is, the higher the chance for complications. Do a search on the web for alot of horror stories.

    This is why I haven't gotten lasik. Despite the good odds, I'm just not willing to take a chance with my eyes.
  4. Oh yes I would hope no one would just go get this surgery without knowing there are potential complications that range from dry eyes to possible death. They are your eyes and you may never see again and if that is too risky then so be it. Its funny the day of my surgery they had me initial 100 different possible complications on 7 pages of what could or has or might or someone thinks could happen before during or after the surgery. That was a little scary.
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    I have looked into it, I almost went for it, but I was also concerned about the downside.

    I do think if you are going to do it, you should ensure that you have the laser that samples at the highest rate. I think that is the wavefront technology.

    You should also consider the laser that cuts the flap. It appears to be a far superior procedure to the micro keratome. Which is a very small knife that vibrates.

    Not many surgeons have the laser flap maker. But my understanding is that the lasered flap seals up like a manhole instead of just resting on the top and having to reseal.

    my corneas are relatively on the thin side of safe for the flap, so the best procedure for me would have been the procedure where they do not cut a flap. It apparently takes more time to heal and is sometimes a little painful. I think it is called e-lasik in California.

    You may want to look into that procedure as well. It has even less risk of serious complications from my research.
  6. If you are concerned about the procedure, consider doing one eye at a time. I know two who did that. They did the worse eye first, waited 4 weeks then did the other eye. I also know one guy who only did 1 eye. He said you getr used to it and can now see both near and far.
  7. ok...thanks for all the replies.

    I'm going to a free information session tonight.
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    Another option would be the Staar implantable contact lens which has already been approved by the FDA. It does not involve the removal or destruction of corneal tissue and the lenses can be removed or replaced should complications occur.
    I am seriously considering having this procedure done since I am also not comfortable about the downside of LASIK surgery.