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    OUCH ! Please don't whip me if I'm recalling a wasted topic.

    I'm concerned about the eyestrain I've been feeling lately. I still using my Samsung SynMaster 19 inch 900 IFT CRTs because they have great resolution and they're like a "work horses" however my eyes get tired , forcing me to take frequent short breaks and at the end of the day they're ( eyes) burning . So I'm seriously considering to upgrade.

    I need to ask to LCD panel users how their experience is in comparison to the CRTs ?

    I want to go beyond the spacing, weight and power consumption matters , because the main issue for me is eyecare and heat.
    Have you feel that easy in the eye effect that the LCD review articles claim ?
    Let me know the really advantages of a LCD you have experienced is these regards.

    Thx kindly.
  2. I moved to LCD's just for that reason. The difference for me was profound and immediate. The temperature difference was also noticeable.

    I will never ever buy another crt.
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    I switched to lcd's, and eye-strain reduced tremendously. I won't even buy another crt. Get a digital monitor with a digital card, and I think you will be very happy. I run one monitor on a cheap analogue card, and the clarity isn't nearly as good as on digital (could have something to do with the quality of the card too I suppose).
  4. I also had (in the past) eye strain problems and I own Samsung 19inch CRT monitors.

    Then one time I had a small party and two friends (ones an occupational therapist and the other a physical therapist) saw my office...

    Without knowing if I had any problems...asked me if I had an of the following problems...

    sore lower back, sore muscles in my neck, eyestrain or headaches...

    I was a little shocked and said yes and asked how did they know...

    They said my home office was poorly designed...

    They made the following recommendations and I haven't had those problems since (they gradually went away in a few days):

    1. I moved my monitors from 30 inches away to a minimum of 48inches away from my eyes.

    Also, I have a anti-glare screen.

    2. I watch the finiancial news channels and World news channels...I moved my TV from my right to almost in front but a little to the right to prevent turning my head all the way to the right.

    3. I got rid of my non-swivel/non-adjustable chair and go a swivel/adjustable chair so that I can do lower back exercises/stretching every 15mins while in that chair.

    4. I take a minimum of 30mins rest per day from the market...to actually close my eyes.

    I take a complete day off away from the monitors...24 hours...no market work and no personal work...

    Completely away from the monitor.

    5. I increased the brightness of the light bulbs in my office.

    6. I take a few minutes break every 15mins away from the monitor to do other work or walk over to the window and observe what's going on outside.

    7. I increased the Vitamin A in my diet by 10x via taking supplements.

    Also I was told to stop drinking coffee or reduce it in half if I was a coffee drinker because of the amount of time I spent in front of the computer per day...work related and personal related.

    This was easy to fix...I'm not a coffee drinker. :cool:

    They also used the name computer vision syndrome often in our discussion about eyestrain.

    Note: Your tired eyes should not be forcing you to take frequent breaks.

    You should be taking frequent breaks from your monitors prior to your eyes feeling strain...not after you begin feeling the eyestrain.


    There are other good info online about Computer Eyestrain via using google search engine...


    After my problems went away...I bought new Samsung monitors...flat CRT monitors.

    Therefore...at least for me...it wasn't an issue of CRT versus LCD monitor...it was an issue of my poor home office design and my bad habits while working.

    In addition, if your already a reading eye glass user...your problem may be your glasses and a simple visit to your eye doctor (optometrist) can eliminate this as a source of your eyestrain.

    Why? Reading glasses are designed for a certain distance and a user may be actually using them beyond their compacity.

    P.S. Most traders that trade from home are doing such in a way that's not healthy for the body.

    Also...one of my therapist friends went into business for herself and has several big corporate accounts...

    I guess this is a bigger problem (besides just eyestrain) than most people talk about.

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    Thanks to every one for the insights so far.

    Definitely I agree that's not only a monitor issue but other factors in the right use of the displays as vision angle, distance from the displays and correct seat positioning , room illumination , I've take those in consideration already.

    Regarding the anti-glare screen the 900 ift is an Inbar Shadow
    flat screen that comes with antiglare filter already although seems not to be enuff.

    I believe that another important issue is the crts is the refresh rate.

    Very valuable info so far I appreciate it.
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    Very good information in the link.
    Thx NihabaAshi
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    Been discussed several times in various threads:

    Samsung Syncmaster 191T LCD monitors rock!

    Will never ever buy another CRT
  9. I recently switched from CRT's to LCD's....very nice on the eyes....but can't keep my bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit warm anymore:D
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    LOL !! Yeah . I still preparing my breakfast on them , no need for a microwave yet !! :D
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