Eye Strain from Trading

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by huby, Aug 27, 2001.

  1. mjt



    Where did you get your glasses? How much?
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  2. Catoosa


    I bought two or three pair back in the mid to late 1970s. I own an outdoor sports retail business and was able to get them through one of my suppliers. My suppliers no longer carry them. The source I listed in my above post is the only source I could come up with using search on the Internet.

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  3. Another word of advice. every once and awhile. Take your eyes off the screen and focus on something else. It helps relax your eyes for a few seconds. I tend to prefer to focus on some of the pretty girls walking near our office here. Gets the heart pounding a little bit too :D

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    I made a call today to check on the Ray-Ban Ambermatic Sunglasses and found out that the Ray-Ban company changed ownership about 6 to 8 years ago and the new owners stopped making sunglasses with ambermatic lens at that time. They still make changeable brown lens which would be the closest lens to the ambermatic. It might be possible to find a used pair of ambermatic. I think the ambermatic will work a little bit better than the changeable brown because they will let 5% more light pass through in very dim light conditions.

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  5. someone talked about turning off the lights, Hitman I think, for me it is the opposite. I turn my monitor brightness as low as possible, put a light on right next to the screen, open the shades and turn on the overhead. That totally resolved the eyestrain and headaches for me.
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