Eye Strain from Trading

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  1. Hitman, you recommend to turn the lights off ? Why? I am lights on kind of guy :) I always try to have as much as light as possible otherwise I feel uncomfortable and I think my eyes get tired.
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  2. nitro-
    thanks for the help
    when i did what you said..the system said it was set on default ..so i found my model #..then clicked it..after that ..a message came up that said "windows will now rest to proper refresh rate" or something like that...i didn't see any refresh rate #
    so am i ok now? i just don't want this new setting to make me blind:)
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  3. To further Hitman's advice...If your a scalper or any other type of daytrader that's constantly staring at your monitor...when you take those relaxation breaks (actually rest and close your eyes) don't go over to your office sofa and start watching CNBC or RobTV.

    If I start feeling a little eye-strain or notice my eyes getting a little red or dry...I stop and go for a quick walk around the block.

    This does wonders and gets me thru the remainder of the day without anymore eye-strain problems or headaches caused by eye-strain.

    Note: If none of the suggestions by posters here helps after a few weeks...go see an eye doctor to make sure its not a physical issue with your eyes.

    Also, as some here have already mentioned...your monitor setup is critical.

    Nihaba Ashi
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  4. nitro


    Good point. I have no choice on this, my dog starts barking at me - he couldn't give a shit what I am in and for how much.

    It's uncanny - he knows when the markets close too. I thought it was the CNBC bell (LOL, Pavlov's dog) but he has been coming a couple of minutes _BEFORE_ the close for his walk.

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  5. Regarding headaches - if you don't have a prior history of headaches and find you are getting headaches and/or lower back pain your monitors are probably too low. You should be able to sit up straight and look straight at them without tipping your head down.

    Regarding turning out the lights I think the issue that is being addressed is glare. Glare can be minimized by using flat screen monitors. It is amazing how much glare non-flat monitors cause. Also if light is directly behind you while you are facing your monitors, you will have problems with glare. The best way to face is with windows on the side to minimize glare. I have to keep the window blinds tipped at least part of the day because otherwise the glare would be too much and I have a side-window setup relative to my monitors. I don't need to turn out the lights but there is less glare with them off. When there is enough light from the window I keep the lights off (reduces heat also).
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  6. Ken_DTU


    this 'eclipse computer light', I have two that I've been using for the past year+, they seem to help w/eyestrain, eg enter that in a search engine, a bunch of people sell them, here's a couple of links so you can see what they look like:


    provides indirect light on the monitor, helped me a bit, eg 15-20% improvement in eyestrain

    agree re other comments, all good.. water is important, and refocusing on something far away every 1/2 hour or so

    thx for heads up re LCDs, on the list to get, using sonys/viewsonics here, they're good for crts
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  7. LOWER YOUR SCREEN RESOLUTION before you do anything these fools recommend...

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  8. Catoosa


    I found a type of glasses that solved my eye problem caused by staring at monitors all day and night.

    I have been staring at up to 7 monitors, 10 hours a day, for a few years. Whatever type of rays that come out my CRT monitors eventually did something to my eyes. My eyes are now so sensitive to monitors that without my glasses on, my eyes will be burning so bad that I will have to quit trading within 10 or 15 minutes. With my glasses on, I can stare at these monitors as long as I can stay awake with no eye problems.

    My glasses are not prescription or corrective glasses as I wear contact lenses. My glasses are Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Ambermatic lens glasses and they solved my problem. I just now did a search and the only place I can find them listed on the Internet is at www.greensboro.com. The model numbers listed are:

    L9536 Outdoorsman 58mm Arista/Cable Ambermatic

    W0230 Outdoorsman 2 62mm Arista/Cable Ambermatic

    You must call their 1-800-331-4701 number to get a price which means they are probably not cheap! For me, I would pay any price.

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  9. I'm not sure if this has yet been mentioned but background color is a big factor. The less real estate you have covered by bright colors the better. Charting backgrounds should be black, and I find that good contrasting but darker colors on level II box help.

    Don't know how true it is but someone once told me that prolonged staring at a white screen actually burns your retina:eek:
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  10. Catoosa


    Something like that happened to my eyes. My eyes never recovered. It is like I have radiation damage or burns to my retinas. I had to give up computers until I found the right glasses to shield my eyes.

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