Eye Strain from Trading

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by huby, Aug 27, 2001.

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    I've been trading full time for a few months now and I've been starting to get really bad headaches by about 2:00pm est. from staring at monitors all day long. I'm sure some of you have this same problem. I'm looking for some suggestions other than to pop more asprin.

    I'm thinking I may need to beef up my monitors. I have two 17" monitors with a dot pitch of .25mm. I'm wondering if 19" monitors with a better dot pitch will help. I've also heard that LCD monitors are easier on the eyes. Is there any truth to this? Thanks for any replies or suggestions.
  2. I've read where experts suggest you look away from the monitor at least every 15 minutes. Preferably looking out a window at some distant object.

    They also suggest being 2 feet from the monitor. Also they suggested the top of the screen be at the same level as your eyes if you look straight ahead without tilting your head up or down.
  3. I have two monitors: a 21" in Sony CRT and a 15" Viewsonic LCD. The LCD is significantly better for the eyes (no flicker, better contrast, digital connection so super crisp at high frequencies). Even running the CRT at 80 Hz is no match for the LCD.

    The LCD is so much better, that I'm replacing my very nice 21" with an 18" LCD within a month or so. I'd recommend spending the $1500 a 17" or 18" LCD is going to cost you.

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    you may already be aware ...but the refresh rate of your video card is also a factor in eye strain

    the higher the better, 75 is often quoted as a minimum but 85 (i don't remember the units) is what my card does, and i haven't had a problem myself...fwiw
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    Turn off all lights in the room also help, high resolution, high refresh rate, a good diet is important to, I also suggest taking a hour off during the dead zone and do some exercise.

    The body has to be as strong as the mind . . .
  6. I run multiple monitors, with the main one at 1600 X 1200 at 75Hz on a 19" Viewsonic. Very little eyestrain, but everyone is different.

    I suggest lowering the CONTRAST a bit, and using a 60 watt bulb as background. Increasing font size may also help if you're straining to read.
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    This advice may seem a bit basic but it does work:

    1]blink! do not allow your eye to dry
    2]look away (even if it is to glance at Kernan's mug)
  8. eye drops. every once and awhile. You aren't blinking.

    Proper diet. Taking vitamins?

    Posture and type of monitors can be another.

    How about taking an hour off during dead zone?


  9. I have both a reclining swivel chair and a bed in my trading room. If I lose composure I swivel towards my TV and turn over from CNBC to a cartoon channel. If I really lose it, I lie down on the rest bed for an hour or so ... its better to be out of the market than in the market without being 100% in it.

    Some other points:
    1)My curtains are always closed, but my windows are always open for ventilation
    2)I have a coffee machine in my trading room
    3)I always shower before the trading day starts ... I also often shower DURING the trading day to revitalise myself

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    actually that seems to have turned into a pretty large problem, type computer vision syndrome into eg google and you'll get lot's of hits.


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