Eye Fatigue

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  1. Does anyone have suggestions on how to minimize eye fatigue?

    I'm particularly interested in what is the best colors to use for chart backgrounds that cause less eye strain.

    I currently wear non-glare lens on my glasses, but I still tend to get blurred vision by the end of the day.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. lescor


    All my chart backgrounds are black. All my spreadsheets use a grey background. I find that lots of light colors on the screen is hard on the eyes because it opens the pupils more.

    I keep the lights low in the office and only use lcd screens. My eyes still feel buggy after a 14 hour work day, but fortunately that's not every day.
  3. I've had it bad. vision has gone white a couple times. Opthamologist tells me is was something called a retinal migrane. Ugh! All I know to do is turn down the brightness and contrast on my monitors. I think it's the worst during allergy season.
  4. i used to get bad migranes from stareing at the screen all day.

    try this color as a background.

    HUE 87 RED 128
    SAT 37 GREEN 162
    LUM 136 BLUE 134

    Its worked for me. let me know what you think.


    ps: I think it kinda looks like the color of money.
  5. duard


    I went gray. Low ambient light.
  6. Thanks for your responses. I think I'll try darker backgrounds for my charts. I'll have to get use to the difference. Right now I have been using a pale yellow B/G for my charts and just read today that yellow is hard on your eyes.
  7. agpilot


    I've had eye strain often from too much computer time many many years ago. My eyes react to low refresh rates. Worst case was with too many lights on in the room and low refresh rates. Running the refresh rate up fairly high was the best thing I did and next best was to reduce room lights reflecting off of the screen. Third best fix was to reduce amount of bright white on the screen.
  8. WinSum


    How do you set the default spreadsheet background to grey ?

  9. agpilot:

    How do you set the refresh rate? I don't understand what your talking about.
  10. OK, I've got it.

    The only options I have for my refresh rate is 60 or 75 htz. Currently My monitors are setting on 75. It does not give an option to increase any higher. I am running XP.
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