Extremely Good News for all the losers in trading as well as other fields

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    If you are a loser you probably feel forgotten, let down, inadequate. Worthless.

    Well I got great news, very soon World War 3 will make everybody a loser. All your rich friends will soon be on your loser level.

    Web bot project which was initially designed to pick good stocks in the market, has detected information GAP after November 2010. Information gap window was detected in 2001 with 9 year window. NOW INFORMATION GAP IS DETECTED WITH LESS THAN ONE YEAR WINDOW. Internet may be shut down causing the gap

    Starting in November World War 3 may start with Attack on Iran
    which can be justified with false flag event such as assassination or
    "terrorist" actions like 9/11 type attacks

    Two major Earthquakes are predicted for United States of America
    Marin county and San Francisco
    (these quakes would topple the fragile Dollar, as if dollar won't disappear
    on its own.)

    Because Iran doesn't have Nuclear arsenal, Iran will fight back with
    organizations like Hezbollah which happens to be ready with rockets.

    Projections indicate that Israel will use this chance to obliterate middle east with neutron bombs killing millions of people. Syria etc.

    I hope non of this happens, unfortunately our leaders are quite psychotic individuals with trigger happy attitudes and a sense of GODHOOD.

    good luck present and future losers. :(
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  3. hmmmm,

    this sounds like another political rant and rave thread, not a logical, educational, beneficial thread about trading or economics.

    perhaps you might get the participation this thread deserves, if located in the politics forum.

    perhaps not even there.

    one thing is certain, there are a whole lot of good intentioned, well meaning souls in governments all around the world fiighting an uphill battle that can't be won.

    we all hope for the sunny side of the street and the clear skies when we fly, but rain, clouds and cold fronts confront us all.
  4. Dataa


    ever heard of saying

    "those who care don't know, and those who know don't care"

    that's our government, that's our leadership and this can only end one way

    full blown war and revolution :cool:
  5. bigpapi


    Yeah and the y2k virus caused all planes to crash on dec 31 1999, this is bullshit so take your gipsy robot and dip him in the bathtub next time he predicts doomsday, ain't gonna happen it's all about $$$$ in case you haven't noticed and surely Obama won't want to finish what bush started and sink the country, no president wants do be the one that drops the ball
  6. Dataa


    comparing Y2K with middle east war involving weapons of mass destruction. Is there time for you to edit your silly post


    Do you know what happens to a bully (Israel/US foreign policy) in school. He keeps beating up others until he comes a across a crazy in the head kid (Iran)

    And that kid beats the bully into a pulp.

    The moment Israel creates a reason to start a war. All hell will break loose. And that day is coming. You got summer to party and winter to cry foul
  7. So you say , you don't want to help the Jews.
  8. Dataa


    by Jews you mean Israel ?

    Why would you or anyone help the people who are responsible for starting a war.

    Attacking first by false flag and killing few million of men women and children.

    Why would you back that ???

    Do you still think US had a good enough reason to invade Iraq ??

    Are you backing that too ?
  9. Dataa


    Chinese people have one philosophy that I STRONGLY agree with (and I don't agree with everything Chinese people believe in or do)

    But their philosophy of minding their own business and not sticking a fork into other people's business is extremely wise. For money purse too.

    Now some people will say oh you are such a fool. China is hacking
    computers in other countries, China hacked google etc.

    But I say, Where are Chinese military Bases around the world ?

    Where are they ?

    Where are Chinese sanctions being pushed on other countries ? Where ?

    Where are Chinese terrorist actions like US and Israel did 9/11 and USA did Mumbai Bombing.

    Why we don't hear about Chinese false flag events ? Where are Chinese Private Central Bankers and their conspiracies ?

    Where are Chinese troops in middle east ?

    Nowhere that's where.

    Now some people will say you are a fool. China is treating hard

    To which I say. TIBET IS CHINESE LAND. You want everyone to lose
    and separate except your country.

    Rothschilds broke apart Yugoslavia, they broke apart second Yugoslavia they broke apart countries everywhere. They would love to break Quebec from Canada. They would love to break Tibet from China. They would love to break Taiwan.

    Because small countries are easier to defeat, easier to accept IMF loans and get into debt.

    Once a country is in debt to Private Central Banks. GAME OVER
  10. Iran is a 98 pound weakling.
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