Extreme slippage, is the broker right?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jonlebon, Sep 6, 2007.

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    I recently placed a stop sell order on a trade with a low cost broker which was triggered even thought the lowest price on the day was 9% above that stop.
    I checked from Telechart, Swingtracker and ADVFN and all confirmed the data. I even checked on the 1 mn chart on Swingtracker which showed small volatility at the time but no spike.

    When I complained the broker said that odd lots trades are not quoted on the tape.

    Are they right? Seems a bit much and I am not happy about this.

    Many thx.
  2. Name the stock and the day and the price you got

    they are right about the odd lot print
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    27/08/07 Sold 5 SHEN@ 18.16
    stop placed 18.20

    Low of the day was 19.60.
  4. ask for time and sales.
  5. Unless 100 shares traded there, doesnt look like you should have been executed, unless you entered the order incorrectly and it went live right away.

    Its only 5 bucks, wouldn't sweat it.