Extreme Measures: Americans Buying Groceries At Auctions Instead of Grocery Stores

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  1. Green shoots my ass.

    With each passing month, we see more and more stories and evidence of just how far Americans are willing to go, and the extreme methods they'll resort to, to save money at every juncture and on everything they HAVE TO consume (necessities of life).

    My next series will deal with crimping on medications, doctor visits, and health care in general, with health care related businesses seeing extreme pressure on thei margins.

    But for now, here are Americans paying $200 to $300 for 2 months worth of groceries that would have cost at least 5 times that at the grocery store (one example was a gallon of Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice for $1.75 versus $4.99 in the grocery store):

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    That is truly pathetic
  3. bit



    These people have basically monetized dumpster diving!

  4. is there anything wrong with people taking advantage of what they precieve as a good deal?
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    You misunderstood. My point was these 'auctioneers' are a rather clever bunch. My hat's off to them.

    As for the people who are too lazy to do their own dumpster diving...fundamentally, is it any different than those people who are too lazy to cook and opt instead to dine out?
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    :D :D :D
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