Extra Monitor on a laptop?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by WD40, Sep 30, 2019.

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    I know I can connect an external monitor to the back of my notebook computer. Is it possible to have more than one external monitor? How do I do it?
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    how about googling notebook +external monitors?
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  3. More than 1 external monitor will require a external graphics card.
  4. just buy a USB monitor extension and plug in a monitor, if that sounds too difficult you should ask your grandpa for help
  5. Though perhaps not the best for hi-res monitors, there are ways to "daisy chain" them. Google that.
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  6. Check your connections to your laptop. Many laptops have both HDMI and VGA out. If that's the case, you can typically connect 2 monitors, provided you have monitors that have those connections. But even if you have a monitor that only accepts VGA or DVI and you needed to use your HDMI port for that one, you can always get an adapter.
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    It depends on the type of laptop (notebook) and ports that you have to determine if it supports a multiple monitor setup.

    Have you even called the technical department of you notebook to ask them that question if you're unable to use Google to look it up yourself ?

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    I have two external monitors and no external graphic card.
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    mr howard
    can your setup use the laptop monitor at the same time the two external monitors are in use with no adapters outside the laptop of any kind?
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