Extra large laptop case?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Jayford, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking for an extra large case to schlep around a laptop and 19" lcd. Has anyone seen anything like this? I think I may have to make my own.


  2. dchang0


    I haven't seen the current models, but back when I was buying a bag for my 15" widescreen Apple Powerbook G4, I checked out the Tumi collection of computer bags. Their standard "computer bag" was way too huge for me, and I ended up stepping down to a "briefcase" with a laptop "sleeve" inside. If their standard computer bag was too big for a 15" widescreen, their bigger bags are probably perfect for your needs. Tumi's expensive, but their stuff is great--mine lasted for three years under road-warrior abuse before requiring repairs, which were covered under the lifetime warranty! Other than them, maybe Targus' bags are large enough for you.
  3. DeepC


    google for pelican cases

    many sizes available with adjustable foam inserts, and waterproof.
  4. If you find one that makes sense, make sure that you pop over to eBay and see if you possibly can get it at a great price. :)
  5. DeepC


    pelican 1600 @ebay 114.95

    1600 should accommodate laptop and 19in lcd, cords and accessories.

    double check the dimensions

    get one without modifications to the foam

    then use a box cutter to cut slots in foam
  6. Yep, that one will do it!

    Looks like a great product, only problem is that its too big as a carry on for a flight, but it will work great when I'm driving from spot to spot. The Pelican may protect a monitor checked through, but it would make me nervous. They toss the damn luggage on planes.

  7. dchang0


    Pelicans are great--I used one for my rifle. Absolutely unbreakable, and the waterproof design kept the humidity out. Their service and support is beyond excellent. Only one problem: they are very heavy cases! If you are looking for a flight case, you should definitely consider Pelican for their strength. If you're looking for a laptop bag to sling over your shoulder, go with the Tumi I recommended earlier. But, if you're looking for a lighter case to drive around town with, you might consider SKB, at skbcases.com. They make excellent cases and flight cases that are considerably lighter than Pelican.