Extortion in The People's Repbublic of California

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    Looks like California has to wait in line for a bailout from The Obamassiah. Meanwhile, they are targeting specific industries for tax increase. Not on movies, but on golf. Not on charter fishing, but on auto repair. Do you have a powerful lobby that is generous with campaign contributions and support for various officials? You can relax - no tax increases for you. Have you scoffed at "voluntary" contributions to elected officials? Or worse yet, just supported the ones who didn't win? Time to lube up and bend over - taxes are going up for you!

    When government gets big, everybody has to cough up some tribute. Either you pay them off to leave you alone, or they come with the law to take money from you.

  2. Old news.

    The State Board of Equalization has been advocating taxes on services ( such as auto repair, sports tickets, veterinary services, dry cleaing, etc. ) since last JULY.

    People unfamiliar with California fail to understand that while the service sector has grown, California's tax structure hasn't kept up. The state has one of the highest basic rates in the country, but its base is among the narrowest. Sales tax accounted for only 27% of general fund revenue. A decade ago, it was 35%.

    Other states in the union have been taxing for pet grooming and plumbing services (Texas), and haircuts (Hawaii) and diaper delivery, shoe repair, and investment counseling (Delaware).

    California taxes none of those services.
    That having been said, there are only 10 states out there that tax fewer services than California.
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    California spends 10 billion on educating the children of illegal aliens.

    California spends countless billion more on social services for illegal aliens.

    Nothing wrong with being caring - but we laid out the welcome and said come make little democrats citizens.

    Before we accept higher taxes perhaps we should find a way to cut back on spending.

    people earning a living here already are taxed to max.

    Why is the answer tax more.
    If you said tax less, spend less but more fairly, I might be more interesting.

    We are in tough economic times revenues will go down - so should spending. Why can't state and local governments get that.
  4. Because most people in state and local government are CAREER politicians that have no clue how the real world and economy operate.

    John McCain is a classic example.
    As we all know, he even admitted during his campaign that he had very little knowledge of Economics. He admitted this during the primaries in 2000, and he admitted it once again last year.

    You would think that someone that has a strong interest in becoming President of the United States someday, would spend some time educating themselves on Economics . . .

    And rather than choose Mit Romney ( who actually has real world business experience ) or even Carla Fiorina to be his running-mate, he chooses Palin.

    But it proves my point.
    CAREER politicians just don't get "it" when it comes to budgets, spending, taxation, and the Economy!
  5. No, I think it's you who has no idea how the real world operates.

    Most politicans are corrupt and play the game. They know exactly what they are doing. And they keep pretending as if they give a shit about you or anyone else besides their inner circle & their masters. When things turn out for worse for you, they claim ignorance, honest mistakes & play the blame game. They promise reform and correction of mistakes.

    Meanwhile, you believe them. And they laugh at you behind closed doors. And then you protest how they have no clue, while suffering the consequences. And they laugh even more, cause your frustration is comedy to them. Cause at the end of it all, you aren't doing to do jack sh*t about it. You won't even bother to open your eyes and see what is really going on, how can you expect to ever fix it.
  6. Nice "cut and paste" job.
    You have no idea where my "eyes" are.
    But then again, you simply copied someone else's article so I won't take it too "personally".

    Typical ET.
    Nothing authentic or genuine.
    Just a lot of "copy and paste" from kids playing on the Internet who haven't been able to turn their brain on and think for themselves.