External hard drive after power outage not responding

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by brownsfan019, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. We got hit with a nice storm last week and I found out my external hard drive is no longer responding.

    It powers up and sounds like it's running, but when plugged in via USB to 2 different computers, nothing happens. The computers do not see it.

    I've been all over google tonight, but figured there's some friendly tech guys on here too. I'm going to take this to someone tomorrow, but wanted to get any feedback here first. I'm hopeful the drive itself can just be transferred to a new case and all is well, but I'm prepared for the worst.

    Knowing the power is working and it sounds like it's running, do I have a shot at just needing a new case for the drive? And if not, can the data be recovered some way?

    I'm most concerned that somehow it's all gone... Quick lesson in doing updated backups that's for sure.

    Can anyone recommend where to get this done? Do I go to a local shop? Best Buy or MicroCenter? Some online site?

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    Could just be the USB controller. If it were me I would take the drive out of the case and connect it directly to a computer. It's just a regular IDE or SATA drive inside.
  3. agree, good advice... possibly a bad wire.
    just remove and connect direct. use new wires
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate a quick an option to check.