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    Starting today Bund/Bobl/Schatz, FDAX and ESXT50 Futures are traded from 8:00 - 22:00 CET ( 2:00 am - 16:00 EST).

    Eurex posted a document listing all the details on 27th of September: follow this link


    Bernd Kuerbs

    PS: Volume in the Bund just now is lousy.
  2. I won't bother to watch the market 14 hours a day.

    Why do they extend the trading hours? Do they want to compete with the US market?
  3. zeeuk


    Guess it costs them virtually nothing to extend hours. Bet they'll do quite nicely on US rate days, beige book, FOMC minutes, etc.
  4. i think it's a good decision. US hours are the most active hours for about everything. This way European and US businesses can come together same place, same time.
  5. zeeuk


    Sweet! Now in London I can trade 7am - 9pm. I wonder who is going have the edge in the latter part of the day?! I'm moving to NY.
  6. I haven't traded for last 2 weeks, but my CQG quotes still stop at 14:00 ET. Is the FDAX trading after those hours in the US yet?
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    The extended hours were operative on Monday and Tuesday of last week only. The rest of the week trading hours were shortened because of the American Thanksgiving on Thursday.

    Expect to see extended hours continuing today.

    See this link: http://www.eurexchange.com/market_trading/trading_hours.html


    Bernd Kuerbs
  8. I'm just gearing up to trade now after a trip to Europe. In looking at quotes this morning, it seems that the quote delay has been reduced even further. It is updating more like LIFFE than Eurex. Has anyone noticed this? Maybe it is just my eyes. :)
  9. This weekend saw the compulsory upgrade of all member-to-Access Point connections (both multi-channel and single channel) from 64k (or 4x64k) to 256k.

    This would potentially provide Deutsche-Boerse with the additional bandwidth to increase the broadcast rate.

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