Extended Hours Question.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stylark3, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. stylark3


    I have never participated in extended hours trading but I was wondering if anyone knows if I could have sold shares of BIDU during the extended hours session although I may have purchased the shares during regular market hours?

    At the close, BIDU was 109.37. But, about an hour an half later, during extended market hours, BIDU had jumped to over 130.00.

  2. Sure, I did it yesterday with Apple. Sold at 103 in A/H. I alwas do that after earnings. Apple closed at 98.84 today with a high of 102.50. A/H can work in your favor if done right.. and fast.
  3. After hours trading is the same as normal hours, except for very low volume.

    Be sure to use limit orders -too avoid grim surprises- and all or none orders -too avoid to high commission costs.