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  1. i can't get out of a position even tho the box in 'allow trigger outside regular hours' is checked on tws. dunno what can i do, any ib user here can please give it a try and check if they can send orders now?

  2. b-bump :)
  3. ib reps, can u lend us a hand here?

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    I've placed several trades within the last 30 minutes without any problems.

  5. right, dunno what else i can do, i mean i aint got much of a choice other then let 'em close my pos at a premium...maybe better to hold overnite, small pos but volatile sob. stock is dvax.
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    I just placed a bid underneath which was accepted, won't take a sell order, as there is none available to short. Not sure what the problem could be, but it's likely on your end. Good luck.
  7. i get the message: 'your order will be send to the exchange in the morning'. happens when box is not checked, but clicked on it on and off multiple times and nuthin' :(

    edit; was a long trade, lookin' to close now.
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    I've never seen that message before, but I have always had my settings to allow extended hours trading. If you've already tried cancelling the order, logging out and then back on to TWS, I don't know what to suggest.
  9. done it already, no luck. thx again tho.
  10. well looks like i got pretty much lucky, p.o.s. of davk is up more than 1% at the end of ah session; still 2morrow could gap down 10% on me, that would slightly piss me off. :D

    it' small anyways.
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