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    Background info;

    I have been profitably trading Forex for several years now and when the economy started to sour, I found that I wanted to take longer and longer term positions. These positions required less and less time to monitor and adjust, which gave me more free time than I was use to so I decided to take a position as a contract worker about a year ago.

    I have been able to work extended periods of time and still maintain my trading edge.

    The situation;

    I see some fantastic opportunities that others in the industry can not see, and I have enough time, experience, money and skills to own a business again and exploit these opportunities.

    I am concerned that I might be committing too much of my resources for emotional reasons and not for practical reasons considering the fragile state of the world economies. Also I would probably have to quit trading to have enough time to develop the business properly.

    Do you think I should start this business?... Or... Should I continue trading and let this opportunity go? Why?
  2. If the business plan has good prospects and chances of success are favorable, go for it, especially if your are still in your prime. You can lengthen the time frame on your trading while you wait to see if the business pans out.
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    I did go for it! I've spent the last few months preparing for a new online business.

    I am back looking for some more advice as it relates to a new online business.

    I've done everything that I could think of to prepare, built the site so that it can handle anticipated traffic. Plenty of content. More content will be added regularly. Set up the business relationships incl manufacturing, shipping, payment portal, hosts, etc ..We've done extensive "sandbox" testing before deployment and everything is we deployed the site we are still "sandbox testing" a MySQL CMS

    I am an "old school" marketer and am unsure about the best way for online businesses marketing. Far too much BS out here for it to be true. The site has proper use of keywords, and tags. Commitment from several administrators of links to the site.

    I keep reading about search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and how a new site should concentrate for top ranking. However what I understand is that these search engines concentrate on "high quality" back links.. My thinking is IF they do that then I should concentrate on back links and not worry about what they do

    However to get back links requires lots of visitors, and other sites that want to link to my site for content etc. I've been considering doing some type of targeted opt in email broadcasting from a service. I've also considered some form of advertising on the search engines, but somehow this does not seem like the thing to do before finding a way for organic growth.

    Any thoughts on doing this or any thoughts on other types of organic marketing for visitors?