Exposure to China and India

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  1. Im looking to increase my exposure to China and India and I was wondering what kind of US exchange based stocks (any specifics would be appreciated) that I could consider. I know of the ETF's available but would like to look into other methods of increasing exposure.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Just to get this back up, so is there anyone out there who has exposure to Chinese and Indian markets, but not through the ETF's?
  3. There is the commodity play obviously.

    Certain commodities are scarce in the resource hungry likes of China and India and those needs can be played by owning the commodities themselves, commodity currencies such as the AUD or NZD or western companies who have exposure to those markets perhaps not so much trough commodities but in other fields.

    GSZ.PA for instance, the French energy giant is looking to position itself firmly as one of the leaders in providing Brazil the know how to introduce a new generation of nuclear reactors.

    I am sure similar connections can be found regarding China or India but I don't follow those closely enough to be of any assistance there.

  4. You may get a better response by posting your question at LinkedINanswers.com in one of the Financial Markets forums there. :)
  5. hajimow


    FXI for China
  6. thanks hajimow, but I was asking about investment possibilities other than the ETF's. While I believe FXI will continue to go up long term ( I have some of my portfolio in it,) I would like to choose whic parts of their economy I invest in. The commodities one is a good play. I guess as too would be chinese companies listed on US Exchanges.
    I was thinking about companies that plan to grow their market share in China. I'm not sure how to go about researching possible candidates. There has to be a better way than going through long term business plans of every company that may have their eyes on China.....